What's being said

I frequently take private coaching sessions from Daniel. His insight and knowledge about the craft of acting helps to keep my skills fine-tuned. Definitely worth the investment.

--Kristyn Koczur

Treasure House Studio classes have clarified so much for me as an actor.  I found not only what he teaches, but his approach to be so fantastic.  Since I've been out in the real world, working, I have found every aspect of his class was about teaching me to deal with the struggles of having a career.  Not only did he teach me to act, but he taught me to not give up on myself, no matter how difficult things were.  He did so in  the kindest way possible, in a way that I could understand. 

--Laura Jackson

I had struggled for years as an actor to root myself.  I often felt lost when I was working.  I had a bag of trick that had been working since I was a kid.  Then once in a while, I'd do something really good, but couldn't recreate it, one minute I was great, the next minute I couldn't find that same connection.  What Daniel taught me was so invaluable, because now I have a way of measuring my work, not judging myself, and I have... a root!  If you want to learn a real approach, not just tricks, study here

.--Kevin Anderson

What is an acting teacher?  Someone who teaches you to how to act.  Daniel is rare.  He is an acting teacher

.--Phillip James

I looked all over for a teacher, I went to class after class, and when I arrived in Daniel Paul's studio I knew I wanted to learn from him. He is a great teacher and not only have I grown, I’ve watched my fellow students grow, and I don't know what’s more exciting.

--Robert Shaw

I took three private sessions with Daniel, because after raising some children, I wanted to get back to what I love, happy to say, I have done a pilot for ABC.

--Lauren Thomas

Simply the best and most HUMAN acting teacher I’ve ever worked with.

--Maria Lambed

After taking Daniel's Private coaching sessions I started to book work again.  It'd been a long dry spell, but Daniel quickly saw what was happening and made the right corrections, and I'm working in the Theater again.  Yes!

--Tatiana Valez 

Ok, I'll try to keep it short.  If you want to act, if you really want to act, and you don't just want to be noticed, but you want to act you should look into taking this class.  It's hard work, but it's fun, a lot of fun.  My story is simple, and I haven't been out of his class that long.  I started to study with him, the full program, and I was anxious, I wanted to work, right away, but I knew I didn't know what I wanted to know, so I took this class, and I'm really glad I took it, because it changed everything for me.  I know what to do, I walk into an audition, I know what to do, I walk on a set I know what to do, someone hands me a script and says take a look at this and give us a reading, I know what to do, I walk into a theater I know what to do.  I know what to do.  For example, I know when I audition it's not just for the job, it's for my career, I know  how to work off someone else, I know how to give a director what they are asking for, and I know how to find the character, I know how to work form impulse.  I'm livin' the dream.  Thanks.

--Rob Lowenstein