Act Before You Think

Afternoon Classes In New York City

Classes in New York City are beginning now.  They take place from 11am to 1;30 pm on Mondays.  Classes run in 15 week sessions.  Students are allowed to miss and make up two classes during that session at no extra charge.  We break for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years and the week  of the 4th of July.  Another week is generally taken in mid August.

Free Audit Session

Treasure House Theater Acting Studio is currently allowing students to audit our on-going Monday class for free.  Simply go to Stage Door and sign up for your free audit.  if you cannot audit and would liked to be interviewed for please use our contact form..


We are located at 170 west 74th street on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  We are in the lower level.  You tell the doorman you are there for your acting class and he will direct you the staircase.  

Goals of the Class

  • Through participation and active observation over the course of the twelve week period, actors will work toward these goals:
  • Break through and abolish acting habits
  • Reveal and explore aspects of your temperament
  • Stretch your talent and strengthen your technique
  • Hone your selectivity in character creation
  • Have the opportunity to work on a “wish-list” role
  • Reach new depths with your work in this noble art
  • Upon completion of a 12 week session, actors wishing to continue their work at the studio may re-enroll to further their study, approach new material, and continue the development


I haven't acted before, can I join?

Yes, we take actors at all levels

How old do I have to be?

We take students 18 years and older, permission to join

What if I have to miss classes?

We highly recommend you don't.  We understand that sickness and difficulties occur in everyones life, it is important that you inform us if these things occur as quickly as you know them.  Your absence could impact the class in a very adverse way, and there are no refunds for classes missed

I acted years ago, and have been thinking of getting back into the profession?

This is a great class for you.  Getting your "stage legs" back is fun, and having a classroom environment to do it is a terrific approach.

I don't want to act, but thinking a class might be helpful to me?

We get this question often. If you take the class seriously and make a sincere effort you will find the class helpful.  Many professional actors are shy by nature and often times they become the most serious actors.

I don't want to make a 12 week commitment can I just take one class?

Audition a class is possible, but just taking one class is not going to help you and therefore we only do a series of classes.