About Us



Daniel Amenda has been and actor, director and teacher for almost 25 years.  His career and training began with Shakespeare and Company at the American Stage Company.  He has performed all over the united states in various regional theaters.  He continued his theatrical education with Robert Patterson noted master teacher in New York City.  Robert Patterson is widely credited with building and clarifying the work of Stanislavski and Sanford Meisner.  A documentary film about the process and the actors who have studied there (Ted Danson, JoBeth Williams and others) is due out in 2018.  Mr. Amenda is one of a few students that have encouraged to teach by Mr. Patterson.  Daniel Amenda most recently produced and directed Whitman by Fire a show he co-wrote with Michael Fegley that will soon be touring the country.  Prior to that he directed the acclaimed productions of Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler and Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard in New York City. 

Michael Fegley

Allentown based teacher and actor with extensive credits in film and on stage, ranging from the classical to the approach to the craft of acting, firmly rooted in the work of Meisner and Stanislavski.avant-garde. He is also the father of working actors: August, Oakes, and Winslow Fegley.

Treasure House Heritage

The Group Theatre revolutionized the American theatre 95 years ago by incorporating a form of training based on the system of Constantin Stanislavski. Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, Robert Lewis, and most importantly Sanford Meisner, each founded schools that have taught our greatest actors for generations. 

Unlike the psychological “method” of other master teachers, Sanford Meisner formulated Stanislavski’s system into “the reality of doing”— a tangible, teachable approach— and the next great step in the evolution of the training of actors. 

Master teacher Robert Patterson, a protégé of Meisner, further developed the system into a concrete body of “the work” that could be applied as “one continuous action” while honoring both the actor and the playwright in a way that other systems did not. 

At Treasure House, we teach through the elements of this work so that students can add depth and specific selectivity to their craft to obtain immediate results. Through participation and observation, students at Treasure House are able to benefit from the heritage which has been passed down, developed, and taught by Master Teachers for over a century. 

How We Teach

Treasure House Theater Acting Studio is dedicated to teaching the acting craft using scenes and monologues.  Our approach is keep the actor learning by ensuring that each actor works every class.  Our approach is geared toward the level of each student.  For the professional to the novice.  It is our belief that every actor can learn for each other.  

Your commitment is to hold yourself to a high standard that this profession demands.  We include camera work int the class.  

Often times we find that those who have delayed their pursuit of their dream to act find home with us.  

We believe that most classes available through casting directors are fine, but they lack the time to form a strong basis for the craft of acting.  Finally we believe strongly in our material and process and seek those who are serious in their exploration of this craft.